This article explains password-less login, a way to replace traditional username and password login with other factors of authentication.

User verification may involve checking various biometric factors like face or fingerprint scanning, or the user may be asked to verify using a PIN. Windows Hello, MacOS Touch ID, Android Lock Screen and many USB security keys support this type of user verification. This mode of authentication offers a highly convenient and secure way of logging in.

Before a user can enjoy password-less login, the following conditions must be true:

  • The user must have enrolled an extra verification factor using Windows Hello, MacOS Touch ID or a cross-platform Security Key which supports verification
  • Password-less authentication must not be disabled by Polar SSO configuration

User experience

Users eligible for password-less login will notice an additional button added to the login dialog. 

Windows Hello

Clicking this button will trigger Windows Hello PIN or biometrics verification. The user may click More choices to select between another verification methods.

MacOS Touch ID

On MacOS with Touch ID, the Touch Bar will look something like this:

Android Lock Screen

On Android, the user can log into Jira simply by scanning the finger, or enter the Android Lock Screen PIN.

See it in action

See password-less login using MacOS Touch ID. Touch ID can also be used when reverifying on WebSudo.

See password-less login using a user verifying USB security key such as the TrustKey. 

Next steps